Saturday, 15 March 2008

Snuffles and Giggles # 32

I am pleased to report that Snuffles is much better. The abscess burst and she was in a helleva state for a few days. Thank goodness Neil is very adept at doggie care (as his mom was a vet). So he bathed it and cleaned it gently (one day he bathed it 4 times), which made her feel a lot more comfortable. She looked at him with such gratitude in her eyes, my heart melted. The vet saw her last night and said it is fine. He gave her another antibiotic injection to help with any infection (as she now has a huge hole in her skin), but he doesn't think we'll have any further problems.

Thanx for all your concern and good wishes. I feel worn out, but happy to have my cheerful Snuffs again!

To celebrate, here's another 'giggle' for you all....

'When you get older, the only thing you can get your teeth into is a glass...'