Saturday, 15 March 2008

Cheer up; think pink.

This morning I decided it was time to cheer myself up after not feeling very happy all week. (I'm a good actress so no one realised at work!)
Off to the hairdresser to see Ajay.
Step One: A good fresh (and deliciously short) haircut
Step Two: Put on the cap and pull bits of grey hair through with a thin crochet hook. 'Ouch, that's my scalp!'

Step three: Paint the bits pink. 'Yikes,did I really ask for that bright colour?'

Step four: Cap off, wash the hair and blowdry.

Step five: Look and feel much much better.

It has renewed my 'pink' highlighted look that I first tried last year.
And yes, you're right, it even matches the pink framed glasses I got last June! I feel much much better and 'brighter'. Can't wait for the kids remarks on Monday:

'Teacher, why did you paint your hair?'

'Teacher, your hair's pink!.' giggle, titter, nudge, grin.

'Teacher you look funny'. giggle titter, giggle chortle.