Saturday, 8 March 2008

Art corner and sky

Steve moved back home four weeks ago as an interim place between his old flat (which he was renting) to possibly buying his own flat. Although it's 18 years since he left home to go to University, it feels like he's been with us all the time. We love having him home again for however long he will be here. I see it as gift after the past 18 years.

So, the second bedroom where I had spread myself out, became his room, and I moved my art stuff to a corner of my own bedroom, and it's really cosy. Neil fixed it up for me with wall shelves and a set of drawers underneath the table, and I really like working here.

Yesterday at about 6.30pm I went upstairs to sit down and draw, looked out of the window and this was the view. A glorious pre-sunset evening (albeit chilly) in London. I adore skies and clouds, as they are never static, always changing. Here are some of my previous posts showing London skies.

Always look upwards, outwards and onwards is my Saturday wish for you all.