Thursday, 6 March 2008

One Hundred Ideas

I started my challenge of using the 100 ideas list to motivate/encourage/entice me to try new things.

Number 3: Buy something inexpensive as a symbol of your need to create. Use it every day.

So I got some inks and a pen to use with them. The colours are very vibrant and I adore 'vibrant'.
On Saturday I did this:

I called it 'Wild ink woman'. It's sure wild and WOW.

Then on Sunday I painted this:

I called it 'Inky still life'.

I used my flash to take both photos, making them seem even more vibrant....
It will be impossible to use the inks every day, as I am too busy with my 'giggle a day for a year' project, unless I combine them.

After all I only have another 342 more to do!