Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Poor little girl

Came home from work today to find a very miserable little pooch. She was fine when we left.
So we took her to the vet, who is a jolly old fella, adores dogs and talks to them like they're his kids.
She has an abscess beside her anus, as the anal gland has got blocked and infected.
She is in agony and yelped every time we/he came near her. Each time she did, my heart broke.
He gave her an anti-inflammatory/antibiotic injection and pain killers/ anti-inflammatories for the next 3 days till we see him again.
Here she is looking so sad and woebegone after we returned from the vet.
However, she seems far more comfortable and is asleep now.
Poor little Snuffles, poor little girl..
Our pets are like our family....no, they ARE our family.