Sunday, 27 April 2008

Wrinkles and Giggles #77

"Myrtle, you're still as beautiful as the day we the way, have you seen my glasses anywhere?"

"No, Albert my dearest."

I posted this as my Giggles #17 and it is perfect for the IF topic this week.

I love seeing a long-married couple still holding hands, caring for each other and as close as 'two peas in a pod'!

There are more people over 60 than there are children (in the UK). People with wrinkles are now calling for more power (called the 'Grey power'). Demands range from a genuine regard for our skills and wisdom, to financial independence and a greater choice of housing in later years.

'Go wrinklies go!!!'

Giggles #77

"Be careful! Grandma's just had her nipples pierced!"