Thursday, 3 April 2008

Reality hit me today!

I was working in the Nursery class today, when suddenly a child sneezed, a HUGE sneeze, and suddenly there was snot everywhere, on her upper lip, all over her face, chin, fingers and even the front of her sweater.
'Yuk', I thought and hastened to fetch a tissue (three actually) to wipe up the mess, then washed my hands thoroughly.
It wasn't two minutes later that another HUGE sneeze erupted and once again the (same) child was bedecked in snot, also on her sweater sleeve as she tried to wipe it all away!
'Double YUK', I thought and hurried once again to get a handful of tissues to scrub her clean, as she looked up at me with pleading eyes as if to say, 'Why me?'
Yes, you are right, all good things come in threes, and just as we had all settled down to make circles and squares out of the bright blue playdough, another HUGE sneeze erupted from that side of the large room.
'Oh nooooo,' I thought, 'Double, treble YUK' and with slow heavy footsteps slumped off to get the whole damned box of tissues to clean her up once more.

Reality finally hit me. I had agreed (when asked by my Head teacher about 5 months ago) to take over this class from the beginning of May when the teacher goes on her maternity leave. What had I done? Fifty-two kids (26 am and 26 pm) all 3-4 years old, with a scant 45 minutes for lunch in between.

All I can say is thank heavens for the marvellous Nursery Nurse, who has been working in this same class for the past 20 plus years....Hi Hills.

This is certain to be a big challenge for me but I should get quite a few good 'giggles' out of this in the next year! So watch this space!