Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Two more days

Till the start of our April holidays, two weeks away from school, resting, reading and painting!
Much as I love teaching (and I do), it is an exhausting profession to be in. Only if you are a teacher or know someone who is one, will you ever understand this.

The 'ebb and flow' of one's day is continual and often seems neverending; starting a new term with little ones is like starting all over again as they have forgotten most things they learnt during the holidays. Every day is different; ever minute things can change rapidly; every second uses another ton of your energy.

This is my 40th year as a teacher. I can remember (as if it were yesterday), sitting with my class of 7 year olds on 20th July 1969 listening to the radio (we had no televisions in South Africa in those days) as Neil Armstrong stepped on to the moon, gasping, then cheering loudly.

There are some days that I think:

Where were you when Neil Armstron walked on the moon? (only those of you over a certain age!)