Sunday, 6 July 2008

Suki's Suggestion

Last Sunday Suki wrote a very interestig post and a suggestion:

Take a family photo and study it. "What do you see in it that is...similar to your life today, to the person you've become? What is vaguely similar? What bears no resemblance or suggests nothing memorable? What ended up the opposite of what you see? " The idea is to look at the photo of your young self and connect with it in terms of who you are today.

I had recently posted a few photos of my brother and I when we were young, showing our close relationship; here is a family one for 'Suki's Suggestion'.

In every photo I have of myself I am always with my dad. My mother never held me or cuddled me or told me she loved me. She has been dead for 27 years and I do not miss her. My dad died the year after her and was sadly missed.

I have had to be my own 'mother' all my life and also have spent a great deal of time 'mothering' others.

What ended up the opposite is that my sons and I are very close and they know I love them unconditionally.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I wish someone would 'mother me'!

Thanks Suki, this gave me lots to think about!