Thursday, 31 July 2008

Art Class

I am so excited!

I bumped into the lady who had given me 'beginner' lessons about 4 years ago, and who I had lost contact with. Her name is Pauline and she is fantastic: chirpy, enthused with energy, complimentary, encouraging and a jolly good teacher.
(What a difference to the 'weasel' whose class I attended for only 3 weeks and then ran away with my tail between my legs, believing that my stuff was shit!)
Pauline was very happy to set up a weekly art lesson in her kitchen, and yesterday was my first lesson. (There will be 2 other ladies joining me after the Summer holidays).
She is imbued with so many novel ideas, including collage, making paper, experimenting with different textures etc. How exciting!
Today we used charcoal and observed a bowl of lilies. She stressed that I concentrate on only one part of the arrangement, and not try to tackle the whole thing. She also showed me how to shade around the part I was looking at in order to make it more evident and bring it to the foreground. Of curse, a putty rubber does amazing things to charcoal too. What fun!

Now, at last, I feel I will 'grow' in my art, as a lot of my stuff is stale and monotonous and not quite 'there'.

Of course you will all see my weekly attempts at self-improvement.

But, most importantly, I will have a 2 hour 'outlet' from the 52 Nursery kids that will take over my every moment from September. So, a 'win-win' situation all round!