Sunday, 27 July 2008

Mugging, Violence and Ugliness

Last night, our son, Steve, was mugged on the way home (at 1.30am) one block away from home.
Three young men (about 18 years old) were walking behind him and jumped on him punching him in the mouth, head and jaw, shouting 'empty your pockets'.....and other less choice words.
He was beaten to the ground whereupon they grabbed his rucksack and demanded his security number for his credit cards, or they would 'kill him'!
Without resistance he handed over the bag; they ran off, leaving him shaken and scared and bleeding from the mouth.
He ran home and banged on the door shouting 'Ma, open the door, I've been mugged!"

The stolen money, mp3 player, credit cards, mobile phone, camera, train tickets, bag, front door keys etc were all of no consequence whatsoever compared to the fact that Steve was NOT stabbed or put into hospital, or even worse.

My question is '"What is happening to our world? What is happening to the human race? Where will all this violence end?"

May you all stay safe this coming week, and be vigilant, always vigilant, and if you do pray, then pray for our world! We all love you Steve!

(Somehow I don't feel like posting a 'Giggle' today! Know you all understand!)