Sunday, 13 July 2008

My own Mandala

What a wonderful surprise arriving home from school on Friday to find my very own mandala waiting for me! I had ordered it from Marianne a while ago and knew it was on its way.

WOW, what an amazing sight greeted me when I (gently) tore off the wrapping.

The colours, the brightness, the excitement, the fullness, the vibrancy struck me immediately.
I took it all in at one gulp, missing lots of details that later became apparent when reading the intricate explanation Marianne had included.

Here is the explanantion (translated from Dutch), based entirely on my birth date: starting from the inside going outwards:

4 (green) South African doves: to help me to remember to let go and forgive. Theyare a symbol of home and hearth, safety and fertility, messengers from Mother Earth.

2 (orange) Pin cushion Proteas (also South African), amongst the oldest flowers on earth, symbolizing diversity and courage.

1 (red) Snake, it's bite symbolic of death and rebirth; the transformations process, also infinitive.

9 (rainbow colours) Lotus leaves, symbolising the entrance to the universe, their leaves depict fertility and their flower is the symbol of a mother's lap. The lotus emerges from the mud, through the water, until the flower lies above the water basking in the sunlight.This signifies the soul progressing from the primeval mud of materialism, through the waters of experience, into the bright sunshine of enlightenment.

4 (green) Prickly pear cactus. This cactus is the symbol of protection and chastity.

8 (violet) Prickly pears, whose fruit is edible. It helps strengthen the immune system.

10 (red) Chain with ten hearts, symbolic of unbreakable love that I deserve and have earned because I give it so freely.
There was lots more, which I won't write here, it's too personal.
Gosh Marianne, it was like you put me in front of a mirror and 'read' me completely and perfectly. Thanks so much, I will look at this each and every day and surround myself with it's symbolisms. Along with these other two, I now have three marvellous original pieces of art work which individaully and toegther exactly depict ME.
This is the wonderful, emotionally packed collage that Steve did for my 60th birthday. He drew 60 little (prozac) pictures depicting my early life, from all the discussions and chats and anecdotes I had related to him over the years. I will treasure it always, and hope he will keep it long after I'm gone. It is magnificent.

And this is the incredibly beautiful (and also emotionally packed) quilt that I ordered from Lynn after seeing her exquisite work, so personally connected with the people she made them for.
I have never met this lady, and yet she sifted through my blogs and chose exactly the right things to show in this quilt. I left it totally up to her (as I did with all three pieces) and what an amazing result. I know that my brother is going to just love it when he sees it in 2 weeks time.

All three works of art will surround me and cheer me and encourage me to remain truly and completely who I am.

This is how I see myself...... Can't always do this, but often want to.....

"If a man doesn't keep pace with his companions,
Perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.
let him step to the music he hears,
However measured or far away."