Saturday, 3 May 2008

'The Postman Always Knocks Once'

It was early Saturday morning. Everyone was still in bed, when suddenly there was a loud insistent knock at the front door.
Father got out of bed, pushing his feet grumpily into his old faded slippers and rushed down the stairs to see who was banging on the door.
Imagine his surprise when he found the postman on the other side, smiling benignly with a little brown box clasped in his huge fist.
Father, closed the door quietly, hoping that the others had not been roused yet, longing for his first cup of coffee.
But before he could put the kettle on, Mother appeared with a deep frown etched across her forehead. He immediately handed her the box as it was addressed to her.
Walking out the kitchen door, with quivering fingers she opened it and to her surprise she found......

Two adorable little cactuses (cacti) from Lolo.
"Ooh", she exclaimed, "Aren't they cute?" and hurried back to the kitchen to show Father.
"Look", she cried " The 'Spice Girls' have come to stay. Won't Senita be pleased?"
Needless to say, Father didn't have a clue what she was talking about, nor who Senita (or for that matter, the Spice Girls were), as he always had his head 'buried ' in his computer and hardly ever noticed what Mother was doing anyway!

Mother promptly introduced them to Senita, who welcomed them to the family with glee.
After a little while, Senita called down to her new friends.
"Why don't you come on up here and see the world from my eyes?"
"Okay", chirped Salty and clamboured up, followed by Peppery, her twin sister.
Immediately they felt more comfortable and soon bonded with Senita who took them 'under her wings' showing them the garden and introducing them to Snuffles too.

And, of course, they all lived happily ever after.

The End

For Lolo.


Lots and lots of 'warm fuzzies' are on their way to you.