Saturday, 17 May 2008

Kid's Art ('My Family')

She is the first one with a crown on her head, standing with her cousin. Look how elaborate this is, compared to the simplicity/naivity of the next one. (Dad, mum and the three kids).

This little girl laboriously wrote all the names of the people in her family (she is Somalian) and 'read' exactly what she had written to me! Mum is the tall one with the pony tails, then her, then dad in green!

When asked what that big brown thing was on the right side of this picture, I was told 'It's a machine.'

Their art is amazingly refreshing and so unadorned. I have the pleasure of watching them creating each piece and talking to them about it. Remember these kids are only 3/4, nearer 4 now....

One little girl walked into Nursery on Thursday and exclaimed, "The traffic was horrendous!" She is an only child who obviously spends lots of time with adults! We had to hide our 'giggles'.

Exhaustion aside, I do love the wonder of these kids...we can learn so much from them in every way!