Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Half Term Week

Throwing and catching bean bags, bread and butter.
Playdough (flowers and parents in bed)
Garden reading corner
Building blocks outside, music corner, using instruments.
Painting flowers and drawing tadpoles.

It's half term week (again)and a chance to reflect, rest and relax.

Although a busy 6 weeks, and an eventful one emotionally, I have reached the midterm break with a good feeling inside.

At the age of 60 I have taken on a huge new challenge, with 52 little ones (almost 4) in my room.
We have painted, designed, built, watched, planted, played, splashed, erected, viewed, drawn, sung, examined, developed, shared, talked and laughed.

I am proud of myself, I feel satisfied and complete, as it is a warm happy friendly environment with lots of still happier times to come.

Lotsa warm fuzzies for you FY and Hilary too.