Thursday, 21 February 2008


Came downstairs this morning, and although we had changed the whole sitting room round, decluttered and sorted the junk on the table (both being teachers, we always seem to need table space to use ad hoc), there before my eyes, was more clutter.

(another one of my abo art drawings I did while in Oz in december)

So today I say 'declutter/deshmutter' -I have more important things to do than tidying up!


1.)Go for a long walk before the rain comes back. We've had a balmy week here in London, not balmy warm, but balmy sunny. Also, I twisted my left ankle 2 weeks ago, and it still gives me twinges when coming down the stairs, and my left knee where I pulled the cartilage last year is playing up again, so need to walkmuch more and do some stretches.

2.) Fetch the dry cleaning, post some letters, walk the dog , go to the library, all can be done while I'm out.

3.) Paint some more 'giggles' pics.

4.) Start my new book, 'Ma, he sold me for a few cigarettes'. (a heart-rending memoir that will both horrify and inspire)

5.) Make some macaroni cheese for Neil for lunch as he's gone diving (it's our half term week, so we're off school till Monday).

Declutter/deshmutter is all I say!!!