Sunday, 8 June 2008

'Just passing through'

After (another) stressful week at work, I was on my knees by Friday.

Exhausted, sapped of energy and wondering why the hell I am still working so hard at sixty, I had a chat with Steve who is my counsellor (and I am his).

After quite a while spent discussing the exact problems, he said to me:
"Ma, why are you letting it all get you down? You are just passing through at school, you cannot change the system or the people, you cannot do more than you are physically able to, try to relax and don't take it all to heart so much!"

Suddenly, the constricting band across my chest lifted, and I could breathe again. The magic words were 'you are just passing through'.
Of course I am, aren't we all? Through work, parenthood,adulthood, life ....and, after all, none of this will matter in 100 years!!!

So, I 'picked myself up, dusted myself off', and am ready to start a new week with this mantra running through my head....

you are just passing through
you are just passing through
you are just passing through......

Thanks Steve, for are very special.