Saturday, 28 June 2008

Happy Birthday Madiba

I was in Hyde Park in London last night at the 46664 (his cell number on Robbin Island) concert to celebrate Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday.

After another exhausting, frazzled and exasperating week at work, I didn't stay till the end, but only long enough to see this great man; looking frail and bewildered, being assisted by his wonderful wife, Graca Michel, on to the stage, for what I fear will be his last public appearance.

Although he seemed (to me) perhaps drugged on pills, struggling to walk and manage, his powerful words were unforgettable. He was definitely saying 'goodbye' and leaving all his work in OUR hands. What a majestic man.
I love you Madiba, you are my hero.Whenever I am asked who I most admire in this world, it is YOU.
Happy Birthday!